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2018 Rimoe Ranch Sorting Series

Cancelled due to lack of

This is it! Information on
Rimoe Ranch’s last Sorting
Buckle Series.  That’s right,
It’s our 10th and last year!  
It has been a fun run!

We will start with our Round Robin
on April 7th , 14th, 18th, and 28th.  
Our awards ceremony will be May

To make this round robin successful we have to limit the
number of participants to 30 riders. Each rider will get
seven rides a day.   Participants in the round robin will be
open to any adult 19 years and over.

To pre-register for the Round Robin Division we must
receive your registration form, and the Round Robin
Sorting rules signed and dated and payment by March
15th, 2018
.  (See Attachments.)   We will also need for our
files a copy of your horse’s coggins and proof of shots.  
Once we receive your forms and payment and a copy of
your horses coggins and shots, we will confirm your entry
at   The computer will match up your
partners for each week

We will be holding the Rookie and Youth/Adult divisions
May 5th
.  Each division will be limited to 10 riders.   As
always these divisions will run with a 60 second clock.   
Each team will have 4 goes in the morning and 4 goes in
the afternoon.  Our Youth/Adult Division was developed so
that a family or friend can mentor a child in this wonderful
Sport.  Just like last year, we will allow youth to ride with a

To pre-register for our Rookie and Youth/Adult divisions,
Each team member must fill out a registration form.  Then
sign and date the Sorting Rules for the Youth/ Adult division
(See Attachments).  We will also need for our records a
current copy of your horse’s coggins and proof of shots.  
Then send payment and forms by March 15th, 2018.  
Once we received forms, copy of current coggins and
shots, and checks from you and your team member, we
will confirm your entries at

The Jackpot Scramble, will Start on the first week, April
7th, after the last run of the Round Robin.
 The first 2
weeks we will only allow riders who are participating in
Rimoe’s buckle series to enter the Jackpot.  (This includes
the Rookie and Youth/Adults Division).   The third and fourth
week will be open to anyone. Riders in the jackpot
scramble must be 16 years or older.  Riders under the age
of 16 can only ride once in the picks with a parent.   Just
like last year we will allow you to pick one partner then
scrambling the rest per usual.  If you pick one ride you
must scramble at least one ride.  You will not ride with the
partner you picked in the Scramble.  You can scramble as
many rides as you want, but can only pick one team, and
the cost is still only $10/ride!

On May 5th, we will have a potluck awards ceremony
here at Rimoe Ranch, following the last run of the
Rookie/Youth Adult Division.  Bring a dish to pass and

To keep this Sorting safe for everyone, no glass bottles or
kegs will be allowed on premise.  We will confiscate any of
these items and you will not get them back till you are ready
to leave the premise.

Come one, come all to  the last sorting of all!
Are You Rimoe's last buckle winner(s)?  We'll be ready to
find out starting with the Round Robin on April 7th .   See
Ya'll there!

Sponsorship Opportunities for Rimoe 2018 Sorting Series

2018 Rimoe Sorting Rules - MUST SUBMIT WITH

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Youth/Adult Series Registration -

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